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When it comes to art, I want one thing only.....to play with paint....to discover all the surprising ways it allows me to express a lifetime of observation of things I consider charmingly beautiful. I love to create space, flow and energy on a canvas. I am happy to use references in front of me as well as a plethora of nature’s impressions imprinted upon my brain.


Art Resources Gallery, Minneapolis and Edina,MN artresourcesgallery.com

Riverwood Art and Frame, Eau Clair, WI riverwoodartandframe.com

Tres Leches Gallery, treslechesart.com This artist -run gallery co-owed by Kathleen Krishnan is at the main entrance of the Northrup King Building and is open Friday through Sunday ,12-4PM and the first Thursday of each month, 5-9PM. 1500 Jackson St. NE, MPLS,MN


2017| Minneapolis Club, Minneapolis,MN
2015| Bloomington Theater and Art Center, Bloomington,MN
2012| FUS Gallery,,Minneapolis, MN
2011| Hopkins Center for the Arts, Hopkins, MN
2011 |The Women's Club of Minneapolis, , Minneapolis, MN
2011 |Thrivent Financial, Minneapolis ,MN
2010 |Thrivent Financial ,, Minneapolis, MN.
2010 |Parish Hall Gallery,, St. Paul, MN
2008 | Finer Line Gallery, , Mystic, CT,

St Mary's University
Regions Hospital
Health Partners
Chippewa Valley Orthopedics
Glencoe Regional Medical Center
Private collections nationwide



(612)961-5213 mobile


Mail:  kathleenkrishnan@gmail.com

Quiet Splendor, 30x40

April 15, 2017+br505+br680+br1

Life is a Dream 24x24

March 24, 2017+br678+br680+br2

Hidden Beach, 30x24

March 24, 2017+br850+br677+br3

Jubilant, 40x30

February 23, 2017+br850+br640+br4

Bonnie Day, 30x40

January 19, 2017+br492+br680+br5

Sunbath in the Valley, 24x24

January 19, 2017+br680+br680+br6

Wild Things,24x24

November 10, 2016+br679+br680+br7

Bankers 30x30

August 30, 2016+br850+br660+br8

Quiet Meadow, 36x36

August 30, 2016+br675+br680+br9

Marsh Mellow, 24x24

July 21, 2016+br530+br680+br10

Quiet Meadow, 36x36

July 21, 2016+br850+br563+br11

Hazy Day, 40x30

July 21, 2016+br850+br568+br12

Irredescent, 30x34

July 21, 2016+br454+br680+br13

Beach Dreams, 24x12

July 21, 2016+br850+br459+br14

Breezy Shore, 30x30

July 18, 2016+br680+br680+br15

Field Gems 20x24

July 18, 2016+br532+br680+br16

Splendor in Quiet Places, 30x40

July 10, 2016+br505+br680+br17

Tenacious, 24x24

July 18, 2016+br675+br680+br18

Effusion, 20x24

July 10, 2016+br558+br680+br19

Quiet Splendor, 24x24

July 10, 2016+br682+br680+br20

Sunbath, 30x30

July 10, 2016+br678+br680+br21

Dakota Prairie, 24x24

July 10, 2016+br681+br680+br22

Up the Hill, 30x48

July 10, 2016+br427+br680+br23

Sun Worship, 24x24

July 10, 2016+br669+br680+br24

Let There Be Light, 30x30

July 10, 2016+br686+br680+br25

Rabbit;s Eye View, 24x36

July 10, 2016+br447+br680+br26

Summer Orchard, 36x36

March 24, 2017+br691+br680+br27

Summer Whisper, 48x36

January 19, 2017+br850+br640+br28

Summer Tapestry, 36x36

January 19, 2017+br676+br680+br29

Harkness Garden, 36x24

January 19, 2017+br850+br568+br30

Summer Meets Fall, 40x30

January 19, 2017+br850+br631+br31

Farewell Symphony, 30x30

December 30, 2016+br672+br680+br32

Heads Up!, 30x24

November 10, 2016+br850+br675+br33

Summer Balm, 30x40

September 27, 2016+br498+br680+br34

Fancy in the Field, 40x30

August 30, 2016+br850+br628+br35

Water Meets Land, 40x30

July 21, 2016+br850+br668+br36

New Beginnings, 36x36

July 10, 2016+br694+br680+br37

My Bluff, 40x30

July 10, 2016+br850+br634+br38

Up on the Ledge, 36x36

July 10, 2016+br672+br680+br39

Quiet Season, 36x36

July 10, 2016+br625+br680+br40

Golden Day, 40x30

July 10, 2016+br850+br672+br41

Prairie Summer, 30x24

July 10, 2016+br842+br680+br42

Perennial profusion, 30x40

July 10, 2016+br515+br680+br43

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