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My most recent series of paintings celebrates perennial grasses, trees and flowers in their natural habitat. In the natural world, colors, textures, and patterns are always harmonious. I need that harmony as a tempering force in my life and feel that it distills through me as I figure out representative strokes and strategies to express it in paint. My aim is to celebrate the spunk of field flowers and grasses and the spiraling reach of trees as they lean into the sun and thrive. I want my paintings to be imbued with a strong sense of place.....their place.


Art Resources Gallery, Minneapolis and Edina,MN artresourcesgallery.com

Tres Leches Gallery, Northrup King Building northrupkingbuilding.com This artist -run gallery is at the main entrance of the Northrup King Building and is open Friday through Sunday ,12-4PM and the first Thursday of each month, 5-9PM. Tres Leches Gallery treslechesart.com


2015| Solo Exhibition, Bloomington Theater and Art Center, Bloomington,MN
2013 Members Juried Exhibition, Bloomington Theater and Art Center
2013| NEMAA Fall Fine Art Show, Group Exhibition,Minneapolis, Mn
2013| Art For the Home, Minnesota Grown, Group Exhibition,Minneapolis,MN
2012| NEMAA Fall Fine Art Show, Group Exhibition,Minneapolis, Mn
2012_Art for Equal Marriage, Group Exhibition, Minneapolis,MN
2012| FUS Gallery, 2 person exhibition, Minneapolis,MN
2011| Hopkins Center for the Arts, Solo Exhibition, Hopkins, MN
2011 |The Women's Club of Minneapolis, Solo Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN
2011 |Thrivent Financial, Solo Exhibition, Minneapolis ,MN
2010 |Thrivent Financial , Solo Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN.
2010 |Parish Hall Gallery, Solo Exhibition, St. Paul, MN
2010 |Echo Box Art Gallery, Two Person Exhibition, St. Paul, MN
2010 |Seoul Salon, Solo Exhibition, St. Paul, MN
2009 | Xanadu Gallery, Group Exhibition, Scottsdale, AZ
2008 | Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, MN, Juried Exhibition
2008 | Finer Line Gallery, Two Person Exhibition, Mystic, CT,
2007 | Dan Patch Days Juried Exhibition
2007 | Northern Lights Juried Exhibition
2006 | Northern Lights Juried Exhibition
2005 | Northern Lights Juried Exhibition

2007 | Honorable Mention, Dan Patch Days Exhibition
2006 | Award of Excellence, Northern Lights Exhibition
2005 | Judges’ Choice Award, Northern Lights Exhibition

Paquet Studio josephpaquet.com
Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art TheAtelier.org

(612)961-5213 mobile


Mail:  kathleenkrishnan@gmail.com

Bankers 30x30

August 30, 2016+br850+br660+br1

Quiet Meadow, 36x36

August 30, 2016+br675+br680+br2

Marsh Mellow, 24x24

July 21, 2016+br530+br680+br3

Quiet Meadow, 36x36

July 21, 2016+br850+br563+br4

Hazy Day, 40x30

July 21, 2016+br850+br568+br5

Irredescent, 30x34

July 21, 2016+br454+br680+br6

Beach Dreams, 24x12

July 21, 2016+br850+br459+br7

Breezy Shore, 30x30

July 18, 2016+br680+br680+br8

Field Gems 20x24

July 18, 2016+br532+br680+br9

Tenacious, 24x24

July 18, 2016+br675+br680+br10

Effusion, 20x24

July 10, 2016+br558+br680+br11

Quiet Splendor, 24x24

July 10, 2016+br682+br680+br12

Sunbath, 30x30

July 10, 2016+br678+br680+br13

Dakota Prairie, 24x24

July 10, 2016+br681+br680+br14

Up the Hill, 30x48

July 10, 2016+br427+br680+br15

Sun Worship, 24x24

July 10, 2016+br669+br680+br16

Splendor in Quiet Places, 30x40

July 10, 2016+br505+br680+br17

Let There Be Light, 30x30

July 10, 2016+br686+br680+br18

Rabbit;s Eye View, 24x36

July 10, 2016+br447+br680+br19

Summer Balm, 30x40

September 27, 2016+br498+br680+br20

Summer Tapestry, 36x36

September 27, 2016+br705+br680+br21

Fancy in the Field, 40x30

August 30, 2016+br850+br628+br22

Bonnie Day, 30x40

July 21, 2016+br492+br680+br23

Heads Up!, 30x24

July 15, 2016+br850+br633+br24

Hidden Beach, 30x24

July 10, 2016+br850+br677+br25

Jubilant in July, 40x30

August 3, 2016+br850+br647+br26

Water Meets Land, 40x30

July 21, 2016+br850+br668+br27

Wild Things,24x24

July 10, 2016+br679+br680+br28

New Beginnings, 36x36

July 10, 2016+br694+br680+br29

My Bluff, 40x30

July 10, 2016+br850+br634+br30

Sunbath in the Valley, 24x24

July 10, 2016+br680+br680+br31

Up on the Ledge, 36x36

July 10, 2016+br672+br680+br32

Life is a Dream, 24x24

July 10, 2016+br678+br680+br33

Spring Day, 36x36

July 10, 2016+br680+br680+br34

Quiet Season, 36x36

July 10, 2016+br625+br680+br35

Golden Day, 40x30

July 10, 2016+br850+br672+br36

Long View, 30x30

July 10, 2016+br739+br680+br37

Prairie Summer, 30x24

July 10, 2016+br842+br680+br38

Perennial profusion, 30x40

July 10, 2016+br515+br680+br39

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