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When I paint, I create places that feel real to me based on a lifetime of gathering visual impressions. I use photo references very loosely, invent passages, and try this and that until a vision of the place slowly emerges. The place then tells me what my brush needs to do to give it form, atmosphere and light.
When done, my wish is that you, like me, are standing right there.
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Price Krishnan Gallery, pricekrishnangallery.com
This artist-run gallery co-owed by Kathleen Krishnan is at the main entrance of the Northrup King Building and is open Friday, 12-4, Saturday,12-5PM and the first Thursday of each month, 5-9PM. Private viewing can be made by appointment. 1500 Jackson St. NE, MPLS, MN. Online shopping is available at pricekrishnangallery.com


2022 Reedy Gallery, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
2018/ Hewing Hotel, Minneapolis,MN
2017| Minneapolis Club, Minneapolis,MN
2015| Artistry, Bloomington,MN
2012| FUS Gallery,,Minneapolis, MN
2011| Hopkins Center for the Arts, Hopkins, MN
2011 |The Women's Club of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN
2011 |Thrivent Financial, Minneapolis, MN
2010 |Thrivent Financial, Minneapolis, MN
2010 |Parish Hall Gallery, St. Paul, MN
2008 | Finer Line Gallery, Mystic, CT

Mayo Clinic
Neuroscience Center
Midco Corporation
St Mary's University
Regions Hospital
Hennepin County Medical Center
Health Partners
Chippewa Valley Orthopedics
Glencoe Regional Medical Center
Private collections nationwide



(612)961-5213 mobile

To purchase a painting, please visit our online gallery shop at pricekrishnangallery.com 0r call, text or email me.


Mail:  kathleenkrishnan@gmail.com

Old Orchard, 60x36

February 23, 2024+br850+br502+br1

Hillside Garden,30x40

October 12, 2023+br493+br680+br2

Sumac Hill, 48x30

August 24, 2023+br850+br512+br3

Sunny Day Bliss, 20x16

August 24, 2023+br836+br680+br4

Prairie View, 48x24

August 24, 2023+br850+br430+br5

By the Sea, 40x30

August 24, 2023+br850+br611+br6

All Good Things, 36x36, $2250

March 19, 2023+br668+br680+br7

Prairie Harmony, 30x48

November 12, 2022+br416+br680+br8

Oasis, 40x30, $2250

August 24, 2022+br850+br656+br9

Grace in the Fields, 36x36,  $2250

May 26, 2022+br680+br680+br10

Paths through the Orchard, 60x36, $3500

May 26, 2022+br850+br516+br11

Ethereal Tapestry

March 10, 2022+br680+br680+br12

Autumn Near the Marsh

March 10, 2022+br850+br598+br13

Happy Place, 40x30

March 10, 2022+br850+br622+br14

Longview, 36x36, $1980

March 6, 2022+br680+br680+br15

Serene Planet, 30x40

January 23, 2022+br850+br528+br16

Joe Pye

January 10, 2022+br850+br523+br17

Field on the Shore, 30x30, $1350

November 23, 2021+br680+br680+br18

Flowers on the Bluff, 16x20 $480

November 23, 2021+br537+br680+br19

Le'ts Walk,36x36

October 24, 2021+br680+br680+br20

Midsummer Meadow, 36x36, $1980

October 24, 2021+br665+br680+br21

Gathering Storm, 20x16, $480

November 27, 2020+br850+br650+br22

Garden Path, 30x24

September 28, 2020+br489+br680+br23

Behind the Shed,48x30

August 13, 2020+br850+br504+br24

Perennial Profusion,30x40  $1980

August 12, 2020+br510+br680+br25

Coastal Flatlands, 48x36

May 15, 2020+br850+br654+br26

Summer Shimmer,18x24

February 9, 2020+br510+br680+br27

Native Places, 48x24

December 11, 2019+br850+br424+br28

Late Summer prairie, 48x36

November 9, 2019+br850+br624+br29

Near the Beach, 40x30

November 9, 2019+br850+br640+br30

Haley Farm

October 9, 2019+br502+br680+br31

Prairie on the Bluff, 30x40

January 24, 2019+br506+br680+br32

June Meadow, 36x24

August 19, 2018+br850+br555+br33

New Beginnings,36x36

August 19, 2018+br694+br680+br34

One Fine Day, 36x18

August 18, 2018+br850+br409+br35

Water meets Land, 40x30

July 13, 2018+br850+br638+br36

Summer Field, 48x24

June 17, 2018+br850+br427+br37

Autumn  Translucence, 36x24

May 24, 2018+br850+br573+br38

Garden on a Misty Shore, 40x30

May 24, 2018+br850+br637+br39

Summer Tapestry, 36x36

May 7, 2018+br676+br680+br40

The Light Ahead, 30x40

December 10, 2017+br514+br680+br41

My Bluff, 36x24

December 10, 2017+br850+br634+br42

Quiet Season,36x36

November 17, 2017+br625+br680+br43

Heads Up, 30x24

November 8, 2017+br850+br675+br44

Golden Day,40x30

November 8, 2017+br850+br672+br45

Summer Whisper, 48x36

July 7, 2017+br850+br640+br46

Life is a Dream 24x24

March 24, 2017+br678+br680+br47

Hidden Beach, 30x24

March 24, 2017+br850+br677+br48

Bonnie Day, 30x40

January 19, 2017+br492+br680+br49

Wild Things,24x24

November 10, 2016+br679+br680+br50

Bankers 30x30

August 30, 2016+br850+br660+br51

Marsh Mellow, 24x24

July 21, 2016+br530+br680+br52

Quiet Meadow, 36x36

July 21, 2016+br850+br563+br53

Hazy Day, 40x30

July 21, 2016+br850+br568+br54

Irredescent, 30x34

July 21, 2016+br454+br680+br55

Breezy Shore, 30x30

July 18, 2016+br680+br680+br56

Splendor in Quiet Places, 30x40

July 10, 2016+br505+br680+br57

Tenacious, 24x24

July 18, 2016+br675+br680+br58

Effusion, 20x24

July 10, 2016+br558+br680+br59

Quiet Splendor, 24x24

July 10, 2016+br682+br680+br60

Sunbath, 30x30

July 10, 2016+br678+br680+br61

Dakota Prairie, 24x24

July 10, 2016+br681+br680+br62

Up the Hill, 30x48

July 10, 2016+br427+br680+br63

Sun Worship, 24x24

July 10, 2016+br669+br680+br64

Let There Be Light, 30x30

July 10, 2016+br686+br680+br65

Rabbit;s Eye View, 24x36

July 10, 2016+br447+br680+br66

Early Winter Dusk, 36x48, oil on canvas

January 3, 2024+br543+br680+br67

Quiet Season, 30x40

November 10, 2023+br490+br680+br68

Abandoned Orchard, 48x30

November 10, 2023+br850+br527+br69

Shoreline Sparkle, 48x30

October 12, 2023+br850+br528+br70

Sprightly, 48x30

October 12, 2023+br850+br534+br71

A Day in the Sun, 30x40

August 27, 2023+br497+br680+br72

Filtered Light, 36x36

August 16, 2023+br679+br680+br73

Living on Sunhine, 30x40

May 18, 2023+br543+br680+br74

Seedy Affair, 24x48

May 28, 2023+br342+br680+br75

Autumm Leaves,36x30

May 18, 2023+br777+br680+br76

Sunny Mist, 40x30

May 18, 2023+br850+br650+br77

Wild Thing, 24x30

May 18, 2023+br544+br680+br78

Harmony, 30x24

May 18, 2023+br839+br680+br79

Balm of Warm Days, 30x40

May 18, 2023+br504+br680+br80

Prairie View, 48x24

October 12, 2023+br680+br680+br81

On a wine-colored wall

January 10, 2022+br526+br683+br82

Over sofa with throw

November 1, 2021+br406+br451+br83

Dreamy, large  painting

June 30, 2021+br512+br640+br84

Prairie View on Mantle

May 2, 2021+br680+br680+br85

in livingroom

January 5, 2021+br506+br640+br86

Prairie on the Bluff on wall

January 3, 2021+br541+br680+br87

In diningroom

January 5, 2021+br495+br680+br88

On narrow wall

January 4, 2021+br697+br680+br89

On wooden mantle

January 4, 2021+br850+br612+br90


December 13, 2020+br610+br680+br91

breakfast nook

December 13, 2020+br850+br638+br92


January 4, 2021+br758+br680+br93

Fancy in the Field , on mantle

December 1, 2020+br374+br680+br94

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